Salamunalekum and welcome to the website , Alhamdolila it makes us proud about our momeenin and mominath thriving from generations to generation and as a matter of fact we can do the best of all since we have capacities and capabilities and after all we should not forget that our existence is the prayer (Dua) of Janab-e-Syeda (a.s.), we are just missing drive and vision , coming back to the subject the intention of this website is to publish the book called Karbala Walaon Ki Kahani Karbala Walaon Ki Zubani which I  found it to be the best of its kind about tragedy of Karbala . While I was putting this book on the website I felt that most of my website is going to be unoccupied, so I decided of putting some cool external links about azadari and related stuff (appreciate if you can advice more cool links to be added through email Hope you will admire it and always your feedbacks are welcomed.





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